Banks Create Money Out of Thin Air


The UBUNTU Party is dedicate do the reinstitution of all our human rights that have been stolen from us by the current political system and the organs of government that keep making laws against its own people, instead of acting as the servants of the people whom they serve.

One of our most critical concerns is the growing unlawful and corrupt activity of the banks and the legal system that has been allowed to support them. Every day, thousands of honest, hard-working, and trusting South Africans are losing their homes and their possessions without even knowing it.

This all happens behind the scenes in courts that have made it impossible for any of us to access, and without ever being given an opportunity to defend ourselves. This message is intended to wake each of you up and to realise how corrupt the entire system is and how it dramatically affects each and every one of us every day of our lives. Not even the Constitutional Court provides protection against this despicable inhumane activity.

In 2009, an American Congresswoman by the name of Nancy Kaptur made an astonishing public statement. She urged Americans to stay in their homes, even if their homes were being foreclosed. This is what is has come down to. The banking system is so deceitful and so corrupt that the people must take collective action to survive.

As leader of the Ubuntu party, I implore every South African to do the same. Do not give up your home or your belongings without standing your ground and asserting your common law rights. If someone tries to evict you or take away anything you own, do not let them. Join forces with your neighbours, join forces with your friends and your community! You have the right to live with dignity and freedom.

Please understand something very important. The banks are lying to you.

1. Banks do not LOAN money. They pretend to loan money, but the money actually appears in your bank account from nowhere. The money is created by MAGIC using computers. You think you are in debt, but you are not really in debt, because no real money was ever loaned to you. This is how you are being controlled by the banks. You are a slave to money and the money is created and controlled by the banks. I am going to repeat this: you are being lied to.

2. There is actually no debt. Because the banks are secretly getting all their money up front in a process called securitisation. This means they have NO RIGHT to take your assets away. This is important people… Legally, they do not have the right to take your home away from you, and yet our courts and Judges have allowed this to go on! They have been taking homes and assets away illegally and only we the people can stop them.

The banks are multination private corporations that have become greedy monsters. They are swallowing up everything and everyone in their way. And our courts and our government are doing nothing about it. They simply let them get away with it.
The people should not be paying off any debt of non-existent money. The people should not be paying any interest. This is all a great economic trap that has been set for us. The people should not be getting any judgments against them. And YOU should not be working like a slave to pay the fraudulent banks so that you can survive and feed your family.

It is time for us to be human again. It is time to stand up for our natural human rights. We have the right to live, and breath and have a home, and live without constant interference and threat from authority.

The money system is a lie. A corrupt lie that has been allowed to enslave us all. And the Ubuntu party will put a stop to it. The country belongs to its people – not the government OR the corrupt bankers. Let us restore the country back to its people.

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— Michael Tellinger, UBUNTU Planet

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Next Future Terrifying Technology Will Blow Your Mind

Should we be worry?

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Android Wear – Apps I’m Using

Are you interested with such of gadget? Tell me your opinion…

Deepak verma

Before diving into a full review, we take a quick look at some extra and easy to use ways to get the most out of your Android Wear smartwatch.
July 16, 2014 at 08:08AM
By Deepak verma

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Tesla Announces…A NEW CAR!

Really expecting this amazing car to be available in Indonesia…

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Is Your Child Using Devices Too Much? Apply the Delight Principle

Hmmm…. what about your kid? I should begin to retrieve all the gadget my son’s has… Since I cannot really spend enough time to make it right…

Psyche's Circuitry

Many of us parents worry about the potential negative effects of technology – particularly mobile technology – on our children. But we have precious little science out there that can help us figure out the costs and benefits, risks and returns. Heck, we’ve had television sets in our homes for over 80 years and we still don’t know a lot about its effects on kids.

mother child

But putting our kids in front of technology is sometimes hard to resist. Your kid is having a tantrum on the grocery line? Bring up a movie on the iPad. Children whining at the restaurant? Hand them your iPhone and see their little smiling faces and glazed-over eyes light up from the warm glow of the screen.

However, these solutions are often tinged with parental guilt and a nagging feeling that maybe we shouldn’t be doing this quite so much. To figure out how much is too much, I apply what I…

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If You Haven’t Worked a Day in Your Life, You Probably Don’t Love Anything

Nice thought… “never have to work a day in your life” means, what you do (the work) if you really love it, will eventually feels as if you’re in love to someone (loving someone is not a work, right?), so philosophically it’s not a work while technically it is…

The Indisputable Dirt

You’ve heard it before, the beloved aphorism from the ever-intriguing Confucius;

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


I’ve also heard it attributed to Albert Einstein, but the internet tells me that Confucius coined it, so we’ll go with that. Regardless, you’ve probably seen it in the form of a meme, pinned a thousand times on Pinterest, shared on Facebook, tweeted on twitter, etc…


 ^stuff like this^

I understand why the quote is so popular. There is something inspiring, something hopeful about it. It is just poetic enough to sound reasonable, just vague enough to withstand any serious scrutiny.

The only problem, of course, is that it is almost entirely false.

If the phrase was not so oft-quoted, if I did not think it influenced people’s decisions, I wouldn’t be writing this post. But from where I stand, this…

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5 Reasons People With Brains Shouldn’t See Transformers: Age of Extinction

Have you watch this movie? How do you think?

Olivia A. Cole


If you’re one of the people I refer to in the title of this blog—that is, people with brains—then you are probably already aware of the things that make Michael Bay one of the most vile and overrated directors in Hollywood. Explosions substituting for character development. General cinematic bloatedness. You know these things. But in case your instincts need a little sharpening, I will save you your money—and a precious three hours of your precious life—by providing five handy reasons you shouldn’t go see the new Transformers movie. You’re welcome.

#1 Michael Bay Once Again Proves That His Understanding of Women is Mere Millimeters Deep

With every movie that Michael Bay makes, he further proves that he not only hates women, but possesses the qualities of a panting 14-year old boy with acne and a public erection. His understanding of women is disjointed and stumbles between the two sexist binaries…

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